Monday, 15 February 2010

Hermione's Scarf and Confessions of a Cheater

I must confess straight away. I did not knit this scarf myself. Sadly. But I wanted it SO bad, and knew I would not have time to finish it in time to use this winter, so I figured I had to cheat.

My obsession with this scarf started when I was watching the Half Blood Prince. I'm not much of a Harry Potter fan, but my husband was watching it and I sat knitting next to him, partly paying attention to the movie. And suddenly something divinely beautiful caught my eye and I yelled out and ordered my husband to stop and rewind. My husband did as he was bid, curious to see what he'd missed out on... And around Hermione's neck was this revelation of a scarf. I fell in love. Head over heels. (And my husband sighed and chuckled a bit.)

And thanks to Ravelry, I was able to find someone who had fallen even more in love with this scarf than me. So much that she'd spent days figuring out the pattern. And she kindly shares the pattern here.

I did want to knit it myself, but realised that this winter is too busy for me to start knitting on such a big project for myself. So I googled and found a lady in Denmark with a knitting machine - and voila: A Hermione's Scarf for me!! Instant gratification.

The lady in Denmark did a great job, except that the gauge was a little on the tight side, but anyway I absolutely love it! But I must confess, I would probably have loved it even more if I'd made it myself. Strange that.

Pattern: Click here
Yarn: Drops Alpaca
Machine knitter: Click here


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I have a knitting machine that I don't use nearly enought. It's not really cheating - just a different form.

  2. Så stilig det ble!
    Skjønner forsåvidt fristelsen med å "sette vekk" arbeidet!
    Riktig bra ble det! Og litt deilig å ha sluppet å strikke det selv tenker jeg! Av og til er det best å få det ferdig=D

  3. Det ble et fint skjerf. Av og til er det lov til å "jukse" litt. Man rekker ikke strikke alt man har lyst på. Takk for lenke til mønster. Vottene så mer overkommelig ut for håndstrikk;-)

  4. It looks beautiful :)

  5. Åh - et slikt skjerf vil jeg også lage. Det går rett inn på "ønskelista" - den er ganske lang, så godt det er en stund til vinteren kommer. Veldig fin blogg forresten. Har selv en forkjærlighet for å strikke barneklær. :)