Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Christmas gifts part 2

Ok, here comes the last of the Christmas gifts I made in 2009. I have made a few of these kitchen towels for myself and I love them. I decided these would make fairly decent gifts for some of the members of my family-in-law. I made two white ones and one brown. Hope they will come to good use, either as kitchen towels or pot holders (as one recipient thought that that was what it was).
How to make one? Start out with 80 or 90 stitches, depending on how big you want it, find some cotton yarn (double strand is good, but I actually knitted these with 3 strands and liked the result), and on every right side, you knit two and two stitches together in the middle. The rest I guess you can figure out from the picture. This is great tv-knitting, very little thinking is required to make one of these. But, be warned, they are kind of addictive. You don't want to stop knitting until you are done. (Luckily, that doesn't take too long.)

I am not knitting so much these days. I am, believe it or not, working on my thesis. Knitting must be completely avoided for a little while, because I tend to get too consumed in my knitting projects. But I have a looooong list of delicious things I'm going to knit once I'm done with my thesis. That will be my reward. Only three months more. (But I have a few knitted goodies yet unblogged, so stay tuned.)


  1. Hei Linda
    Likte veldig godt designet på disse gryteklutene! Stilig å feste hempen med en knapp. Takk for koselig hilsen! Ha en glad dag!
    Hilsen Kaspara

  2. Hei på deg!
    Disse kjøkkenhåndklærne har jeg strikket ganske mange av også. Både som gaver og til meg selv. De er kjempedekorative og samtidlig raske å strikke... :O)

    Ønsker deg en fin kveld og en fin uke!

  3. Så utrolig søte, skikkelig gammeldags mønster, jeg likte de veldig godt!

  4. Takk for hyggelig kommentar i bloggen min. Har vært inne på bloggen din før og sett den fine lille Fanakofta du har strikket. Nydelig! Jeg er helt enig, det er et vakkert plagg. Og jeg har ei til på gang, den er til meg selv og er et skikkelig evighetsprosjekt. Da snakker vi mange år!