Thursday, 29 September 2011

Just married!

My beautiful sweet friend got married in late August. We travelled all the way to Seattle to be there. The wedding was perfect; stunning bride, handsome groom. And so much in love! We had the best time ever getting to hang out with new and old American and Australian friends. And my boy Filip found a girlfriend. They danced the night away. I hardly think I've seen him have that much fun before.(And the little ones are not married. Not yet.)

If you want to see more photos from the wedding click here.

(And yes, I still knit. One of these days I'll show you what I've been up to...)

Photo courtesy: Simon @


  1. so fun to see a post from you again. :)
    and you were in the states! wow! if you had been any closer, i would have wished to have met you - you were still awfully far from my home, though.
    so sweet about your dancing little boy. :) i'm going to look at the other pictures after i leave you this note. ;)
    have a happy day!
    hugs ~elizabeth

  2. for et flott par ! nydelig bilde av de ..

    er ny her inne og kikker meg litt rundt : ) ha en fin dag..

  3. Flotte bilder! Gleder meg til vårt bryllup den 18 mai :)
    Oljen kjøpte jeg hos Jernia. Pusset kun før første lag ikke mellom. Mulig det blir enda bedre da? Lykke til!