Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Photo shoot

Just showing off my husband's skills as a photographer again... I'm allowed to be a little proud of him, am I not? I love these photos, and they're all the taken in a studio we set up in our living room (Yes, he's a bit into Photoshop these days... And yes, we would love to get a house big enough to have a separate section where we could have a permanent studio...) You can see more photos from this photo shoot here or you can visit www.dragefoto.no if you want to know more about our business. (A disclaimer might be in order: My husband is not responsible for any of the crappy, rushed photos I normally tend to post here!)

And if you are wondering: My pregnancy did not last forever!!! Beautiful, wonderful Lilly was born a few days before my due date, and it all happened quickly and without complications. I will introduce her to you in my next post, she posed for her first photo shoot yesterday and as soon as the photos are ready, I'll share a few!

Hmm, too lazy to post in both Norwegian and English today. I guess all my readers understand English, right? Most of the people visiting my blog are probably Norwegian, but I like that my blog is accessible for the few English-speaking readers that I know drop by.

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  1. i am glad you make it accessible for me. :)
    and i am SO HAPPY to hear about Lilly!!!! Congratulations!