Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blanket for Nepal

Oops, sorry the long absence. The blanket for Nepal (read previous post for more info) was finished weeks ago. It took 2 quick weeks to finish, and even though many of the colours weren't quite "me", I ended up liking the blanket after all. So much that I felt a twinge of "wouldn't-this-look-bright-and cheery-on-my-couch?". But this blanket was made with the intention of warming a little babe in Nepal, so it was wrapped in and sent on its way. And even though my baby looked really cute in this blanket, she really has no need for yet another wool blanket... (Who knows, she might end up getting more blankets anyway, as this was a really fun and quick project!)

And about the little lady: She couldn't be sweeter and is such an angel, sleeping through the night already...

Pattern: Made as one giant granny square, measuring 1m x 1m
Crochet hook: 5 mm
Yarn: DK weight wool yarn from my stash


  1. Å så fint det ble! Nydelige farger :)

  2. Teppet ditt ble kjempeflott..., sier som Jatte; nydelige farger!


  3. Sover hele natten allerede? Trodde sånne var en utopi :) Misunnelig her :)

    Kjempesjarmerende teppe!

  4. I missed your posts, glad you are back! Your project turned out beautiful! I like thinking of some sweet baby in Nepal being warmed by your gift of love.

  5. oh! she's so cute! (my girl thinks so, too)
    and your blanket turned out beautifully!
    you should make another - it's so cheery. :)