Friday, 22 January 2010

Baby's first Christmas

Well, I guess it's a bit late to blog about Christmas, but here goes. We celebrated Christmas with my parents and all my siblings, we were 13 people in the house actually. (Relax, I don't have that many siblings, that number includes my husband of course, my brother in law, my nieces and a dear friend from Australia.) SO much fun. And Christmas was especially fun now that we have Filip. Having kids in the house makes Christmas even more magical. He kind of understood the concept of opening gifts, and liked to see what was in them. But I'm sure he'd been pretty content with just eating the paper. I so much look forward to celebrating Christmas with my little family in the years to come.
For F's first Christmas I had to get him something special. I started making this elephant in August, but it took me a while to finish it, as I got rather bored with the project. But I decided to have it ready for Christmas, and made it just in time. I did not have a pattern for this, I only had a photo of a similar looking elephant I found online.
And then I made F this little tag- cloth thing. F's little cousin got one for Christmas, and of course I had to make one for F as well. I think he's a little to old for it, he's not overly interested. I think this toy would have been more of a success in the lying-on- his- belly- without-managing- to-get-around phase. (And we're WAy past that, he took his first step the other day.) (Please excuse the horrible photo of it.)


  1. Så mye fint du lager!! Den elefanten ble jo kjempefin :) Den kluten m alle "vaskemerkene" på minner meg om den yngste søstra mi da hu var lita. Hu kosa seg må å gni på disse lappene, ja hu krøp til og med inn i dynetrekk for å finne dem :)

  2. Such a cute elephant! Nice work :)

  3. Linda I love the elephant, so cute.
    you are so talented! love you